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Caring for endangered animals takes time and money, so your support is invaluable.

When you become a Member of Port Stephens Koalas, you’re part of a not-for-profit organization that’s committed to saving, protecting and caring koalas across the Port Stephens region.

We rely on generous donations and the support of our Members to continue our work at the Sanctuary. Your membership fee will go towards providing food, shelter and equipment.

You may be a Member of Port Stephens Koalas without being an active Volunteer.

We offer Individual, Group and Corporate Membership options.

Keen to volunteer?

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any not-for-profit organisation.

All Volunteers MUST be Members. Membership means Volunteers are covered by our insurance policy so they can work safely on-site. 

Our supportive crew of Volunteers enable us to provide a high standard of care for koalas and to continue to meet our on-going operating costs.

    Membership/Volunteer Application Process

    Step 1

    Purchase your membership using the options below.

    Step 2

    Submit your membership/volunteer application form here.

    Important information

    To become a volunteer, you must be over the age of 18, live within a 30 minute drive of Anna Bay and be a member of Port Stephens Koalas. Volunteers will have a minimum of 6 months training with an experienced Senior Carer before caring for koalas. Membership includes insurance.

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