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Salamander Recycling Centre

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Salamander Recycling have been supporting Port Stephens Koalas annually for about 5 years now, providing us with two microchip readers, helping out with vet expenses and for the past two years paying for the expensive eye ointment we use to treat koalas with ocular chlamydia.


Newcastle Airport

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Newcastle Airport has partnered with Port Stephens Koalas to provide a mobile road advisory sign to warn of Koala black spots.


Active Tree Services

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Active Tree Services support us by assisting with difficult koala rescues where injured or sick koalas are too high to reach. They have also lopped the trees within our rehabilitation yards so that koalas cannot escape care, or enter the facility from the surrounding habitat.

URL is:

Nelson Bay Real Estate

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Nelson Bay Real Estate is very pleased to support Port Stephens Koalas in its vital work to help and protect our regions koalas.


Hunter Water

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Hunter Water is a supporter of Port Stephens Koalas and is committed to providing their customers with high quality products and services

Port Stephens Council

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116 Adelaide Street
Raymond Terrace NSW
Phone: 02 4980 0255

Sun Rice

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Sun Rice have supported our work for several years by providing a regular
annual donation to help with the costs we incur such as equipment for carers
and rescuers, as well as cots, cages and rehab structures to house the
koalas while in care.
Please support us by buying Koala Rice products (made by SunRice) at your


REM Systems

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Medical and Health Care supplies in Australia, Pacific Islands countries and New Zealand

Catherine Murray-Leslie from the Veterinary division of REM SYSTEMS is proud to be supporting Port Stephens Koalas by providing Dr Donald Hudson at Nelsons Bay Veterinary Hospital with free blood testing for the Koalas at Port Stephens. This in turn will help to identify illness in the wild Koala population and assist Dr Hudson with diagnosis and treatment.

Founded in 1981, REM SYSTEMS distributes medical and health care supplies in Australia, Pacific Islands countries and New Zealand. Sourced from the world’s leading suppliers, our products have a reputation for quality and effectiveness. REM SYSTEMS goal is to supply products to help with the treatment and care of companion and wild animals, horses and farm animals. REM SYSTEMS strong partnership with Abaxis global diagnostics means they can offer VetScan® products, which have completely transformed point-of-care veterinary medicine.

Talavera Corporate Centre
Building C, Level 3
12-24 Talavera Road
Macquarie Park
NSW 2113

John Cropley Dentistry

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Noah’s Ark Veterinary

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Noah’s Ark veterinary services in Medowie and Nelson Bay have saved hundreds of koalas over the 20 years Dr Don Hudson and his wife Dr Ilona Hudson have been donating their time and skills. Their support is vital to the future of Port Stephens Koalas.
For all your pet needs, please support Noah’s Ark vets.


Don Hudson

Don Hudson

Noahs Ark Team

Noah’s Ark Team