Notice Of Election Of Office Bearers And Ordinary Directors

koala in a tree eating gum leaf

Notice of Election of Office Bearers (4) and Ordinary Directors (3) pursuant to s39 d of the Constitution of Port Stephens Koala & Wildlife Preservation Society Ltd. and (2) Ordinary Directors appointed on the nomination of Port Stephens Council pursuant under s38A of the Constitution.

Members of the Company are advised that at the close of nominations at 5pm Friday 5 February 2021 the following nominations were received:

Office Bearers (4)
President.           Glenn Bunny
Vice President.   Michael Clarkin
Secretary.           Ron Land
Treasurer            Karen Harris

Ordinary Directors (3)
Dr Donald Hudson
Leah Anderson
Paul Holmquest

Appointed on the nomination of Port Stephens Council (2) pursuant to s38A of the Constitution.
Kim Latham
Tim Crosdale (2)

There being no other nominations received the persons indicated above are elected unopposed.

Authorised. Ron Land. Company Secretary and Public Officer.