Port Stephens’ New Koala Hospital Kept Busy With Furry Patients… And A Reptile

» Port Stephens' New Koala Hospital Kept Busy With Furry Patients... And A Reptile

LIKE most patients about to receive an injection, Kai is shifting restlessly.

Kai is an eight-year-old koala who has been battling a fungal infection, called cryptococcosis.

“It’s a really nasty fungal infection that usually kills koalas,” explains veterinary surgeon Donald Hudson, as he attends to his patient.

Kai was found at Soldiers Point about 12 months ago with a “hideous bulbous” growth on his head, according to Ron Land, the CEO of care and rehabilitation organisation Port Stephens Koalas. Ron Land and his wife, Marion, nursed Kai at their home for 16 weeks…

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