Howie is a local celebrity who used to live in and around the grounds of Soldiers Point School. He was well known to the teachers and students who watched out for him.  He has been rescued and treated repeatedly for conjunctivitis.  Most recently, he disappeared from his usual home range after a larger, younger male took over his territory.  When he was found again, his old problem had returned.  His eye has improved in care, however he is being kept in for extended observation to ensure there is no recurrence of the disease. 


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What does my adoption pay for?

Your annual $50 contribution helps with specialised treatments, tests and medications. It also goes toward the costs of the Rescue Ambulance and costs associated with gathering gum leaves.

Can I take my adopted koala home?

No. Adopting a koala is a symbolic gesture of your support for wild koalas.

Who is an adoption suitable for?

Anyone, anywhere, anytime! Adopting a koala makes an excellent gift for birthdays and anniversaries as well as other special occasions. It can also be used for prizes, fundraising and ‘in memoriam’ gifts instead of flowers. As your Adoption Certificate is emailed to you, it’s a quick and easy way of sending a thoughtful gift.

How long until I receive my Adoption Certificate?

We aim to email them within 48 hours, however during busy periods it may take a day or two longer. Please check your junk or spam folder before contacting us. If you didn’t receive a confirmation email, it’s likely your email address was entered incorrectly.

What do I receive?

You receive a personalised Adoption Certificate featuring your chosen koala and a short background story about them. Every 3 months you’ll receive an e-news update with new photos and videos.

Can I call you with a question about adoptions?

No, our Koala Rescue line is for emergencies only. Please contact us by email: or for non-adoption enquiries use the contact us page

Messages from our adopters

Elo & John

We are excited as we just adopted Eila today. Thank you Port Stephens Koala hospital. We hope for Eila’s speedy recovery. We also hope that the hospital and staff are well. Thank you for continuously looking after our vulnerable national icons, particularly during this fiery season.

Dorothy Lambert

My 7 yo boy and I are very excited as we just adopted Elia along with her Joey Patu. We are in Nova Scotia Canada and our hearts hurt for all of you at this time. Thank you for all you are doing to help these sweet animals xo


Sending love from North Carolina, US. I have been sewing joey/koala bags through Rescue Craft co FB group in Australia. My friends joined in to help pay for shipping of the bags from the states to A.U. With their generosity their was left over, they asked for it to be donated to help. Thank you for what you are doing. We are all wishing Australia a healthy recovery, from the koalas to the joey’s, the echidna, the wombats and all the other wildlife and trees. With love.

Lucy Nerk

Dear Jax,

I just adopted you (for myself) and your fellow Tai (for my mom). We both love animals and are very concerned what is going on in Australia with the bush fires. We really wish and hope to help you and all the other koalas out there. Much love from Germany.

Isabelle Nougier

Hi Jax,

Your adoption is a gift for my two little boys. You are going to make them understand how lucky we are to be safe in France and how we need to be kind and gentle with every being. I really hope we are going to contribute a little to your welfare. Love from Strasbourg!

Stephanie Elliot

I have adopted you just an hour or so ago from Mooroopna, Victoria because I couldn’t just adopt SES Maree (as well as Jax) without adopting her best friend in you so here we are as a little family of 4. I am truly very happy to have you, Joanie, join our family & to keep you two girls together.

I am sorry to hear that the damage to your eye is permanent even after you’ve had surgery to try & repair it. I was really happy to hear that you were still able to raise your joey, Pablo, by yourself & that he’s now been released back into the wild (hope he’s staying safe out there) & I know you’ll have a very happy, safe, loved & cared for life there at Port Stephens Koala’s with your best friend, SES Maree, right there by your side.

I’d love to one day be able to visit you, SES Maree & Jax as well as all the other koala’s there but until then I’ll love all 3 of you from Victoria.

Kate Pickles

How wonderful to be able to give the gift of adoption to a lovely little young man as a Christmas gift. Beautiful Solstice will be loved by our little man and I know he will ask his Pappa lots of questions about koalas and how we can care for them. Merry Christmas Solstice


This sweet boy just tugged at my heart strings how could you say no…..I hope to save up and adopt more Koalas.Absolutely a worthwhile endeavour, knowing you are helping our Wildlife..xx

Alexandra Bolton

After reading about all the fires today my daughter Ava has sobbed her little heart out, she thinks if she adopts a Koala she can bring him home, I had to explain we can’t bring him to the UK, but she doesn’t know I have adopted him for her!!! She will be beside herself knowing she has helped in some way x

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to adopt Eila and help her on her road to recovery. She looks so sweet and she is such a fighter! Thank you so much for the staff and volunteers who help these beautiful animals. It is truly a blessing to have such kind and compassionate people caring after them. I live in LA and have been so inspired by the love and care you all show.

Your support will…

Buy and plant tree plantations to provide a secure food supply

Preserve core koala habitat and wildlife corridors

Provide community wildlife education campaigns

Participate in research programs

Adopt a koala and know that your contribution helps us care for and protect koalas so they can stay wild.

Each adoption helps support Port Stephens Koala’s conservation work, protecting habitat, preserving food supply and ensuring the safety of Australia’s most loved marsupial.

Adoptions cover the costs associated with medical treatment, food and accommodation of a koala while it’s in care.