Little Sammi


Sammi, a koala back-baby, was rescued from high in a tall sapling, near to her mother’s body on 28 September 2016. Her mother had been struck by a car in the early morning on Clarencetown Rd, Woodville. A council worker rang at 7am when he noticed her lying there. He checked her pouch and found an elongated teat, meaning that a joey was nearby. He sent detailed instructions of where she was when he reached work so Vanessa Keating could search for the joey. By the time I arrived, two young men had stopped to help. Sam had climbed the neighbouring tree and with two of us waving noisy, annoying plastic bags above her head, the joey climbed down the tree till we could reach her.

Weighing just 852gms, the joey was called Sammi after her rescuer, and a dear friend. Sammi is doing really well in care and is expected to survive and be released back in Woodville in February 2017.

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