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Koala Background

Liz is an older female koala (probably around 15 years old). She was dehydrated and hungry when she came in to care. Due to her age, her molars have been worn down to below the gums and she has severe arthritis. It is also evident that she has been in a fire at some point as she doesn’t have much fluff on her ears. Due to her arthritis she has swelling on her ankles and feet and limited control over her individual claws so climbing is a real challenge.

Liz is having twice daily injections of an anti-inflammatory to reduce pain and swelling, twice daily massage of her hands to increase circulation and strength, as well as a small supplementary feed in the mornings to build her body condition up (but not put on weight which will only increase the pain in her paws bearing the extra weight). She also has four small bald patches on her rump which is being treated twice daily with a nappy rash cream to heal and protect. She has already had one acupuncture treatment, with more planned.

These treatments are having a very positive effect on Liz and she is doing well in care. Unfortunately these treatments are very costly so we are appealing to you to consider adopting Liz as the adoption fee will help to pay for some of the treatment which she requires.


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