Patrick Tully


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Koala Background

Patrick Tully is young male about 5 years old who has been rescued twice before in 2013 and 2014 from unsuitable situations in Soldiers Point.  He started appearing near carer Annie’s house in early September. He has been seen on the road twice stopping traffic and delighting tourists.  Fortunately, due to Annie’s intervention, he was not injured but she was concerned that he may be being pushed out of his regular area by an older, stronger male.

In early October he sat in his favorite tree right outside Annie’s house where she got an excellent view of him, noticing an unwell eye. One eye was completely closed and very sore.  From there Sharon, a trainee carer and rescuer, and Annie managed to get him down and into care. He is currently having an expensive ointment applied to his eye twice a day and is being given supplementary feeds as he had lost a lot of weight, presumably through stress. He has put on 1.67kg and is having ongoing care and veterinary treatment.