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Koala Background

SES Maree is a very sweet natured female came into care after she was hit by a car and suffered an injury to her head and the loss of her eye sight. Initially it was hoped that she sight would return but it has been confirmed by a Veterianary Neurologist that the loss is permanent. The accident has also left Maree with damage to her frontal lobe and a tenancy to turn in circles to the right when on the ground. At this point it appears that Maree may be in care long term. Please consider adopting SES Maree.


1 review for SES Maree

  1. 5 out of 5

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    They are all so beautiful and it’s impossible to select one koala for adoption but I chose Maree because she has an acquired brain injury, “which causes her to turn in circles to the right when on the ground” (I can only imagine this impact would have on her and make her frontal lobe even more medically challenging for her), and she has permanent loss of sight. How horrible! I would one day like to meet her. I understand they are not pets, as we imagine, but during their rehabilitation stage they do become so in large part family. Unfortunately, Maree will possibly be a permanent ‘baby’ of the carers due to her inability to care for herself in the wild. I hope one day to be trained as are the senior carers so I can become more involved and share lots of love I have to give. Bless her little self and soul. Love you Maree! from Aunty Urs x

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