Koala Background

This is Tolley from Mambo Wetlands at Salamander Bay. The Mambo Wetlands are a critical patch of habitat that has been sold to a developer.  Tolley has been rescued nearly every summer since 2011 as he has been dehydrated and had trouble moving off the ground.  He was originally given a poor prognosis but dedicated care has brought him back from the brink time after time. 

Early last year he was rescued for the same sort of  thing – he was on the ground and unable to move properly.  Clinical tests revealed he had a Cryptococcus infection – a fungal infection contracted from the bark of trees that causes tumours and is often fatal.  Treatment is lengthy and expensive so with full capacity in our limited facilities, Tolley was transferred to Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.  He survived treatment and returned home to us in the beginning of August.  Since then, enjoying his favourite local leaf, and being spoiled to bits, he has put on a kilogram in weight.  We thought he was almost right, but then he must have had a fall because his left wrist swelled up.  X-rays showed nothing was broken so with acupuncture and hot/cold compresses the swelling has gone again.  Tolley seems okay but he will stay in rehab for a while longer until his fitness improves. Please adopt Tolley.


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