Koala Story Book: ‘Basil Meets Blinky’


Rescued in separate incidents in the very same week, this charmingly illustrated koala story book is about two of our cutest joeys, Basil & Blinky.  It covers their remarkable rescue stories and subsequent care, and why they are now permanent, much-loved residents here at Port Stephens Koala Hospital.  This delightful book concludes with further information about koalas, our hospital and what what to look out for if you have concerns about a koala’s health or wellbeing.

This koala story book was written & illustrated by our Education coordinator & volunteer carer, Sharon Egan, who also created our three fabulous koala activity and colouring books. You can also support animals like Basil and Blinky on our adopt a koala page.

Published in Australia – Copyright © Port Stephens Koala Hospital.