The Koala Sanctuary

Visit the Koala Sanctuary to support long-term rehabilitation & preservation.

Port Stephens Koalas is a not-for profit organisation and we’ve partnered with Port Stephens Koala Sanctuary to create a unique opportunity for visitors to see koalas in their natural habitat.

Visitors get the best of both worlds: see first-hand what it takes to care for and rehabilitate an endangered species, and the chance to stay on-site right next door to our koalas.

The Koala Sanctuary exists as a home for koalas who can’t be released and provides visitors with the opportunity to see wild koalas.

Despite the best efforts of our vets and dedicated carers, some of the koalas we rescue have continuing disabilities, illnesses and injuries that prevent us from returning them to their original location in the wild.

Our Koala Sanctuary- which is situated amongst wild koala habitat- means we can give these koalas safe haven for the rest of their lives.

As visitors move along the elevated Sanctuary SKYwalk, they gradually rise to treetop height, where they can get a view of life from a koala’s perspective.

The Sanctuary has display enclosures where visitors can see these koalas and learn more about koalas and what they need to survive in their natural habitat. Our volunteer Tour Guides are on-hand to share their knowledge of koalas and how to protect their environment.

Our on-site Wildlife Hospital is the first point of call for injured or sick koalas or wildlife where they will be triaged and assessed for care. Visitors to the Sanctuary will also be able to view the clinic and see first-hand the care the animals receive.