Port Stephens Koalas (PSK) invites you to ‘adopt’ one or more of our koalas in care – featured below – to assist us with the costs of their medical treatment, food and lodging. These are wild animals rescued and brought to our sanctuary for rehabilitation followed by, where possible, their release back to the wild.
PSK also has a number of koalas not featured on the website.Their reasons for being in care include vehicle collision injuries, chlamydia, vision impairment and dog attacks. These constitute the most common threats to koala survival, with most of them linked to habitat loss or degradation. Koalas also fall victim to fire, drought and heat stress as we found out in the summer of 2019-2020.

What does my adoption pay for?
For only $50 a year, your contribution will help with specialised treatments, tests and medications as well as essential everyday expenses such as running costs of the rescue ambulance and the leaf cutting vehicles that travel long distances to collect the diversity of gum leaf required.
There are also various costs in maintaining the yards and cages. For example, health of the volunteers and koalas is paramount so specialised cleaning products are used to stop transmission of diseases.

Who is an adoption suitable for?
Any age, anywhere, anytime!
Buy one for yourself – and it makes an excellent gift for birthdays and anniversaries as well as other special family or business occasions. It can also be used for prizes, fundraising and for ‘appreciation’ or ‘in memoriam’ gifts instead of flowers.
As the certificate is emailed to you, it’s a quick and easy way of sending a thoughtful gift as a thank you or to those you are missing most.

What do I receive?
You receive a personalised e-certificate featuring your chosen koala and a short background story about them.


Every 3 months you will receive an e-news update with new photos and videos.

Payment tips
Select your koala below and once in our store, place the order in your own name. Use the extra field to write the name(s) for the certificate if it’s not for you. It will be emailed to you for forwarding unless you specify otherwise.
Our store uses PayPal and you can pay with major credit cards without having a PayPal account.
If ordering multiple adoptions, your certificates might not arrive together as they are prepared separately by different volunteers.


Can I phone you with an enquiry about adoptions?
Sorry no, we do not currently have an office. Please do not phone our Rescue Line – it is for koala emergencies only.  You can contact us by email: or for non-adoption enquiries use the contact us page

Can I take my adopted koala home?
No definitely not! This is a symbolic or virtual ‘adoption’ of a wild koala. Your support is contributing to the costs of treatment and care of koalas in our care which are being rehabilitated, where possible, for return to the wild.

How long does it take to receive my e-certificate? We aim to email them within 48 hours, however during busy periods it may take a day or two longer. Also, check your junk folder before contacting us! If you did not receive an automated confirmation of your order, it is most likely your email address was entered incorrectly and you will not receive a certificate either. So please always enter your email address accurately.


Check out our social media for updates and pictures of the koalas currently in care.


Recent Adoption E-news:
March 2020

Note: Adoptions are not tax deductible. However, Port Stephens Koalas is a Registered Charity with Deductible Gift Recipient Status. If you are in Australia, you can make a tax-deductible donation here