Adopt a Koala

Adopt a koala and know that your contribution helps us care for and protect koalas so they can stay wild.

Each adoption helps support Port Stephens Koala Hospital’s conservation work, protecting habitat, preserving food supply and providing care for our beloved koalas and other native wildlife in our care.  You will be pleased to know that your koala adoption is also tax deductible.

If you want to support the Port Stephens Koala Hospital and can’t decide which koala to adopt, you can donate to our cause instead.

Adopt a koala from Port Stephens Koala Hospital.

What does my adoption pay for?

Your annual $50 contribution helps with specialised treatments, tests and medications. It also goes toward the costs of rescue and costs associated with gathering gum leaves and other essentials.

Who is a koala adoption suitable for?

Anyone, anywhere, anytime! Adopting a koala or other native animal is an excellent gift for a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. It can also be used as a prize, or an ‘in memoriam’ gift instead of flowers. The Adoption Certificate is immediately emailed so it’s a quick and easy way of sending a thoughtful gift.

What do I receive when I adopt a koala?

You receive a personalised virtual (non-physical) Adoption Certificate featuring a photo and a short background story about your chosen native animal. Every three months you’ll receive an e-news update with new photos and videos.

Can I take my adopted native animal home?​

No. Making an adoption is a symbolic gesture of your support for Australian native animals. You can also donate to support us.

When will I get my adoption certificate?

We aim to email them within 48 hours, however during busy periods it may take a day or two longer. Please check your junk or spam folder before contacting us. If you didn’t receive a confirmation email, it’s possible that you entered your email address incorrectly.

Can I call you with a question about adoptions?​

Yes, you can call PSKH on 1800 775 625 to enquire about adoptions. If you are having problems logging-in to your account, please email to:
For non-adoption enquiries use the contact page.

Your support will…

Koala adoptions cover the costs associated with medical treatment, food and accommodation of Australian wildlife while in our care.

Buy and plant tree plantations to provide a secure food supply
Preserve core koala habitat and wildlife corridors
Cover the costs associated with medical treatment, food and accommodation
Participate in research programs and education campaigns

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