We protect, care for and rehabilitate koalas so they can thrive in their natural habitat.

If you discover a sick or injured koala, please call us.
If you are worried about a koala’s health, get in touch.
Our volunteers rescue and protect koalas at all times
of the day or night in our fully equipped rescue van.

For more than 33 years we’ve worked to protect Australia’s most iconic marsupial in and around Port Stephens and surrounding areas.

Since 2010, we’ve rescued 653 koalas and released 379 survivors

Our dedicated team includes volunteer carers, vets and generous supporters, both local and international.

We provide best practice standards of care to sick, injured and orphaned koalas to give them the best opportunity to be returned to the wild. We support research and collaboration to preserve koala habitat to ensure that future generations may continue to enjoy seeing wildlife in their natural setting.

Our Stay Wild approach is different.

At Port Stephens Koalas, all our koalas are wild. As untamed animals, they are handled as little as possible. Our aim is always to return them to their natural habitat, with minimum human contact so they can continue to live their life in their native environment, wherever possible.


We operate a Koala Rescue Service 24/7. One of our trained rescuers will attend in our fully equipped Rescue van to safely contain the koala and transport them to our Sanctuary/Wildlife Hospital for triage and care.


Our experienced team of carers-and when required vet staff- are  on-site at our wildlife hospital to help treat and care for injured or sick koalas.


Volunteers carers provide different levels of support at home and at our rehab facility and are responsible for wound treatment, administering medication, transporting to vet visits,  as well as feeding and cleaning up after koalas who are unwell.

Support carers help out at our rehab facility by providing fresh leaf for the koalas, cleaning yards and enclosures, and helping to treat sick and injured koalas.


Once koalas have recovered and are fit to be released, our experienced carers transport them to a suitable release site and ensure they return safely to their natural habitat.


We’ve been rescuing, treating and rehabilitating sick and injured koalas in the Port Stephens area for more than 33 years and there are lots of ways to help us continue this work.

Caring for endangered animals takes time and money, so your support is invaluable.