Koala Rescue

We rescue sick and injured koalas throughout the Port Stephens area 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you discover a sick or injured koala, please call us. If you are worried about a koala’s health, get in touch. Our volunteers rescue and protect koalas at all times of the day or night in our fully equipped rescue van.

Koala Rescue - Port Stephens Koalas

Caring for a sick or injured koala

Identifying a sick koala

Sick koalas look sick. When koalas are sick they will often come down to ground level or stay in low tree branches. They may have brown, dirty bottoms or crusty, weeping eyes.

Should I handle a koala?

Look, but don’t touch! Koalas have sharp claws and can bite and scratch when they are distressed, hurt or sick. To avoid injuring the koala and yourself, please don’t try to handle a koala.

Threats to koalas

Lots of koalas are killed by cars. When you’re on the road, be aware that koalas are more active around dusk and dawn. If you hit a koala, please call the Rescue Line and let us know. If it’s safe to do so, move the koala to the side of the road as there may be a live joey inside the mother’s pouch. Joeys have been saved by this action.

Dogs often attack koalas. Keep your dog on a lead when you are in a park or the bush, and keep them away from gum trees at night.

How to handle a koala as a last resort

If you MUST contain a koala for their safety (or your own), prepare everything before attempting to handle the animal, to reduce distress and the chance of injury.

A plastic laundry basket is useful. Alternatively, a large towel or blanket can be used to drape over the koala.

You will need a second person to distract the koala by holding a rolled up towel or clothing near their mouth for biting.

The other person approaches the koala from behind, holds their forearms (near the wrist) out and apart, away from the koala’s mouth. If the koala is holding on to something, unhook the claws in a forward motion first. Swiftly lift the koala and place into the item of containment. Be aware of the sharp claws on their feet.

Keep the koala calm by covering with a towel or blanket and place the basket in a quiet place, away from pets, especially dogs. Call us immediately, any time of day.

Koala Rescue - Port Stephens Koalas