1800 PS KOALAS (1800 775 625)




Sick Koala’s come to the ground or stay low in trees. They may have brown dirty bottoms or crusty weepy eyes.


Cars are big killer. Be aware at dusk and dawn, a popular time of their movements. It’s not a crime to hit a koala, but it is criminal by not reporting it using our rescue number. If it is safe to do so, move the koala to the side of the road, there may be a live joey inside the mother’s pouch. Joey’s have been saved by this action.


Attacks from dogs are too common. Keep your dog on a lead in parks and restrained away from gum trees at night.


Rescue number : 1800 PS KOALAS (1800 775 625). Store it in your phone. Call us if you are in any doubt of a koala’s well being. We are available 24/7.


Suitable environment may be questionable.  On or near busy roads. No apparent Gum trees in the vicinity.  Vulnerable to other hazards such as dogs and swimming pools.


Ideally, restraining a koala should be done without handling, avoiding injury to yourself. Plastic laundry baskets are great or a large towel or blanket can be used to place over the koala.


You may end up with scars if you try to handle them. As a last resort, here’s the best way to do it:


Before attempting to handle the koala, have your item of containment ready and close by to minimise stress.


It’s a two person job, one to distract the koala by holding something (clothing or a rolled towel) to the mouth for biting while the other person from behind the koala, holds the forearms (near the wrist) out and apart, away from the koala’s mouth. If the koala is holding on to something, unhook the claws in a forward motion first. Swiftly lift the koala and place into the item of containment. Be wary of their legs, they have claws too.


Keep the koala calm by covering with a towel or blanket and if possible in a quiet place and away from pets, (dogs especially). Call us immediately, any time of day.

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