$50.00 / year

Hi everyone! My name is Georgie and I’m a male joey. I had just turned one and was about to start my own adventures when I got sick and a little lost. I was found sitting in the middle of Clarence Town Road all alone and disorientated. Some kind people assisted by calling the carers at PSKH and taking me in for a health check. The veterinary team diagnosed me with a mild case of ocular chlamydia, which unfortunately, is quite common for koalas. Luckily it was treatable and once I was all better, I was released at a beautiful property with lots of tall trees for me to climb and find a new home. By adopting me you’re helping to care for all of my koala friends still at PSKH. Fill out the form below or choose another one of my buddies on the Adopt a Koala page to support the Port Stephens Koala Hospital.



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